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Recursi is a recursive variant of the classic Memory game. Click on any of the small squares to reveal its color.

In each group of four squares there are two matching pairs randomly placed: one red pair and one blue pair.

If you find two matching squares, they're taken off the board and the larger square below them is revealed. If you match two large squares, the same thing happens at a higher level, and so on until the top level. If you flip the largest square, you win. If you run out of squares to flip, you lose.

Whenever you make a mistake (two unmatched squares in the same group) everything is turned back face down, except the squares that were removed already.

Hints: first explore, then plan ahead carefully for your final attack. If you write down the colors that you see, the game becomes easy. But with a proper plan you can do it in your head without memorizing too much (at most 4-5 items a time).

Good luck!
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Recursi: a fractal memory puzzle