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FishEyeTabs 0.17

FishEyeTabs is a tiny extension for Mozilla Firefox that makes tab selection easier when many tabs are open. If tabs become too small, their labels are not readable. In Firefox 1.5 scrolling was introduced, which is often distracting, because the user has to switch from clicking tabs to clicking arrows and back. FishEyeTabs is an alternative to scrolling, it makes tabs visible using fisheye-style zooming. It is enough to move the mouse cursor over a tab, and it becomes visible automatically.

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Usage: zooming becomes active when there are enough tabs to occupy the whole width of the screen. The close button had to be removed from the tabs and placed in the right, because it is difficult to click as a moving target. As an alternative, tabs can be closed with wheel-click, or left+right simultaneous mouse click. If user still wants close button on each tab, using the TAB X add-on in addition to FishEyeTabs can achieve this.

FishEyeTabs is free software, released under GNU/GPL. Suggestions are welcome.

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