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FishEyeTabs 0.17

FishEyeTabs is decidedly options-free. I will try to fix most bugs, and make it as usable as possible. No additional features are planned. If you find a new bug or incompatibility with some configuration, let me know. Suggestions for improvement are welcome as well.

Note: It seems that several users still prefer to have the close button visible on all tabs. Version 0.17 allows this. To have the close buttons back, follow the instructions here or install the add-on called TAB X in addition to FishEyeTabs.

Release notes:
[2-Mar-2009] - Latest release
  • fixed: allow other extensions to override close button settings
  • fixed: rendering bug with FF3 on Ubuntu (thanks Trent)
  • workaround: FF3 favicon hide problem: scroll arrow appears (thanks Jonathan, Ian)
  • fixed: zooming should work correctly when tab-bar is at the bottom (thanks Vic, Gabe)
  • fixed: resize after closing tab with Ctrl-W (thanks Igor)
  • minor fixes (thanks gzero, Johnathan)
  • fixed: resizing, full-screen mode (thanks Olivier)
  • fixed: warning when multiple tabs closed (thanks Michael)
  • fixed: most known bugs (thanks for the many suggestions)
  • fixed: it works now if sidebar is open too (thanks Phil, Chris)
  • fixed: if uninstalled, restores tab size/close-button settings
Known issues:
  • FishEyeTabs is known to conflict with various other extensions (TabMix, FaviconizeTab), it might not work if there are buttons placed in the same row with tabs or in other unusual settings.
  • shouldn't zoom while menu/context menu is used
  • on restoring session after restart sometimes (?) all tabs shrinked to the left
  • does not work with many (>128) tabs :)
  • in right-to-left version of Firefox it does the opposite of what it should

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